2020 Black T-Slot Aluminium Profile (20 Series )

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$0.01 /1mm

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2020 Black  T-Slot Aluminium Profile Extrusion Frame For CNC Laser Engraving Machine, 3D Printers, Camera etc
Sliders, Robotics, Furniture, Woodworking DIY and Much More.



Material Aluminium Alloy – 6063 T5
Model 2020 black
Slot T- Slot
Color Black
Section size 2020 black
Length up to 3m

3D Printers
CNC Engravers
Hot Wire Machines
Laser Engraving Machine
Camera Sliders
Plasma Cutters
Woodworking DIY
And much more

1: Black  surface treatment, beautiful and durable.
2:  T-slot aluminium profile can work as same as T slot aluminium profile, all T slot accessories(such as T-nuts) can fit
T slot aluminium profile.
3:  T- slot aluminium profile support linear motion, you can build such as 3d printer and so on.
4: T-slot aluminium profile extrusions are perfect for custom machine frames, workstations, prototyping, guarding
and many more purposes.


6 reviews for 2020 Black T-Slot Aluminium Profile (20 Series )

  1. ramazanneghhat8

    Best price

  2. Stuart Mitchell (verified owner)

    Super fast service, very happy

  3. Tom (verified owner)

    All lengths were correct and ends were cut straight but in shipping the protective cover shifted leaving some of the rails with marks on them. Still for the price it was pretty good

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Perfect product

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Very nice to have a Australian manufacturer with an online shop.

    However, purchase of the 2020 T-Slot frame extrusions will depend on your intended usage. It is not suited for 3D Printing / CNC / Laser frames because the extrusions are not level and not straight (> 1mm deflection when placed on a machinist square). The ends have a rough finish and has sharp edges and burs, with leftover oil in patches on the inner channels.

    The shipping packaging lacked sufficient protection to prevent bending, and inside the frames were just wrapped with cling film like plastic that didn’t protect against chafing and rubbing from other frames during transport.

    Perhaps my expectations were much higher and these may not be concerns for others. Otherwise these are fine and the colour is even profile seems the same from edge to edge.

  6. Bret Cooper (verified owner)

    Super accurate lengths, also nice and square

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