1 Meter 10*10mm Nylon Drag Chain Wire Towline Carrier Cable Track For CNC


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10 x 10mm 1M Length  Black Nylon Chain Drag Carrier Cable Track AU


Material: Plastic Nylon

Total length: 1meter

Color: Black

Internal Size : 10 * 10mm (H*W)

Semi-closed, outer seal inner open cover

Drag chain uses:

1) Suitable for use in a reciprocating motion of the occasion, can be built-in cable, tubing, pipe, water pipes, etc. play a traction and protection role.

2) Towline can open each section for easy installation and maintenance. Movement, low noise, wear-resistant, high-speed movement.

3) The Drag chain has been widely used in CNC machine tools, electronic equipment, fire machinery, stone machinery, glass machinery, doors and windows machinery, injection melding machines, robots, overweight transportation equipment, automated warehouses and so on.


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