Nylon Magnetic Catch – 40 Series



Nylon Magnetic Catch: Your Quick Latch Solution

Discover the ease of securing lightweight plastic panel doors with the Nylon Magnetic Catch. Crafted from durable fiberglass-reinforced nylon, this magnetic catch is designed for quick latching, making it a time-saving choice for your assembly tasks. Moreover, the corrosion-resistant nature of nylon ensures long-term reliability, making it a trustworthy addition to your T-Slot Profiles.

Please Note:

This Parallel Connector is compatible with our 40 Series T-Slot Linear Extrusion.


  • Quick Latching: Provides a fast and reliable latching solution for lightweight plastic panel doors.
  • Durable Material: The fibreglass-reinforced nylon construction ensures a long-lasting and robust latch.
  • Corrosion-Resistant: Enjoy the assurance of a corrosion-resistant latch ideal for various environments.
  • Lightweight Design: Its lightweight nature ensures a hassle-free addition to your assembly.

Why Choose This Magnetic Catch?

  • Time-Saving: The quick latching feature significantly reduces the time spent on securing doors.
  • Reliable Performance: Crafted for durability and reliable performance across a wide range of applications.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Its compatibility with 40 Series T-Slot Profiles makes it a versatile choice for different setups.


  • Material: Nylon – Fiberglass reinforced
  • Compatibility: 40 Series T-Slot Profiles
  • Weight: 33g
  • Dimensions: 40×28.2×20.2mm


Nylon Magnetic Catch

A B C D E F G H I J kg
  28.2mm   40mm R3.1 13.1mm    18.4mm    10mm   20.2mm   8.9mm   6.4mm M5 0.033

Engage in a hassle-free latching experience with the Nylon Magnetic Catch, designed to offer a quick and reliable solution for lightweight plastic panel doors. Furthermore, the use of fiberglass-reinforced nylon not only guarantees durability but also ensures the catch remains corrosion-resistant over time, making it a reliable choice in varying environmental conditions. Moreover, its compatibility with 40 Series T-Slot Profiles adds a layer of versatility, accommodating a wide range of setups.

What makes T-Slots such an easy assembly task?

Building frames out of T-Slot extrusions is easy because they eliminate the need for specialized tools or welding, simplifying the assembly process. Building frames using T-Slot Linear Rail will require;

  1. 40 Series T-Slot Extrusions: These are the main structural components, usually made of aluminium, with slots along their lengths that allow you to easily connect various parts and accessories.
  2. 40 Series Brackets and Connectors: These are specialized components designed to fit into the T-Slot extrusions and secure them together at various angles. They include corner brackets, T-nuts, L-shaped brackets, and other connectors.
  3. Fasteners: Bolts, screws, and nuts are required to attach the brackets and connectors to the T-Slot extrusions securely.
  4. Tools: Basic hand tools like wrenches, Allen keys (hex keys), and screwdrivers are necessary for assembly. You can easily cut the T-Slot extrusion to size using a saw.


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