M6 Drill Tap


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  1. Combination drill and tap bit set can complete hole drilling, tapping, deburring and countersinking. One-step operation greatly saves processing steps and improves working efficiency.
  2. Suitable for processing holes. Used for tapping aluminum, die steel, stainless steel, bronze, hard plastics, etc.. Recommended feed rate: general steel: 6-15m/min; harder steel: 5-10m/min; stainless steel: 2-7m/min; cast iron: 8-10m/min.
  3. Self-centering point, do not need assistant center drilling or center punching. Quick change 1/4-inch hex shank can be used on power tools more easily and securely. A tapered end on hex shank can prevent excessive tapping. It exceeds the tap to prevent thread breakage from over-drilling.
  4. High speed steel tool has high hardness and toughness, wear resistance and heat resistance. Features just the base substrate without any coatings, good for most general purpose thread tapping.
  5. Use on drilling machines, tapping machines, CNC and milling machines. Use with tapping oil to get higher quality threads and more durable taps. Machine taps are suggested to be used with tap collets with overload protection.
  6.  The torque caused by too fast feed speed is too large, which can easily cause the tap to break. Taps are prone to chipping or breaking due to speed overload or non-vertical tapping. Micro taps (such as M1-M3.5) are mainly used in clocks and watches, tapping wood and soft metals with lower hardness.


  • Thread Size: M6 x 1
  • Hex Shank Size: 1/4″
  • Drilling Length: 23mm / 0.91″
  • Total Length: 57mm / 2.24″
  • Material: High Speed Steel 4341
  • Finish: Uncoated



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