Linear rail, ball screw actuator kit (please select the require length)



Max vertical : 15Kg
Max Horizontal : 25kg
Max Vertical Full speed:   40~90mm/s
Max Horizontal Full speed:  80~230mm/s
Position Accuracy:   0.02mm
Max Thrust:188~471
Package include:
1X X/Y axis Full kit and pre drilled, tap and assembled ready to use Linear rail, ball screw actuator .
Some information kit accessories :
1X MGN12 linear rail with linear block
1X SFU 1605 ball screw with nuts and housing block
1X NEMA 23 stepper motor
1X NEMA 23 stepper motor bracket
1X L shape ball screw support bracket
1X  ball screw end bracket
1X fix jaw coupling to suit NEMA23 and 1605 ball screw
1X 2040  Silver slot extrusion

Mechanical Dimensions


Motor parameters
Model No Step angle Motor flange size Motor length Holding torque Current Resistance Inductance Rotor Inertia Lead wire
(°) (mm) L (mm) ( N.m) (A) ( Ω) ( mH) (⊃2;) (No.)
57HS5417-21-500Z 1.8 57 56 0.93 2.0 3.0±20% 3.19 200 4

Detailed Images

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