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Trespa mobile table with Square cut top  is ideal for multi-purpose laboratories due to the unique properties, including Chamical and bacterial Resistance. The Trespa mobil table can be utilized in analytical, microbial or chemical Labs. we offer any shapes , cuts and any sizes.

We Custom sizes and design LAB Trespa mobile table . please contact our engineering team for custom design LAB Tables and Table with Trespa Top.

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Height: 700mm workbench height(adjustable )
Depth: 660mm for the workbench and bottom shelf depth.
Lengths: 970 mm long options are available
Trespa Top  Trespa top lap counter top is ideal for multi purpose Laboratories due to the unique properties of Chemical and Bacterial Resistance.

Trespa Top thickness – 12.7mm

Price the full package the fame and Trespa bench Top

Additional information

Weight 100000 g
Dimensions 2000 × 1000 × 1000 mm


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