8mm Slots PVC  hard rubber strip  U-shaped flat seal groove strip (Suitable for 30,40 series)



Looking for a way to secure and strengthen your panels?

This  T-slot cover fits Size-8 profile slots and effectively secures panels with a 3 mm to 5 mm thickness.
The PP (polypropylene) construction material makes this product flexible and strong so that you can easily fit it into slots and over panels without worrying that it will warp or break.

You can confidently use the cover on constructions subjected to harsher conditions as it’s watertight and resistant to moisture and most acids and bases.
This product’s RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) certification assures you that it contains no more than trace amounts of any materials that can harm your health. You can use it on projects in your home and workshop to form watertight units.


Features and Benefits

• Black colour
• Fits groove size of 8 mm
• Fits strut profile of 30 mm
• Length of 1m

  • Price  $/1m


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