4 Core Cable 20AVG for stepper motor/encoder etc.


  •  The Shielded 6 Core Cable 17/1.0 is a high-quality electrical cable that is designed for a range of applications in various industries.
  • It features six individual conductors, each made of 17AWG (American Wire Gauge) copper wire with a 1.0mm diameter.
  • The conductors are surrounded by a layer of shielding, which provides protection against electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).This cable is ideal for use in electrical systems where signal integrity and data transmission accuracy are crucial, such as in telecommunications, audio and video systems, and computer networks. The shield helps to reduce the effect of external electromagnetic fields on the signal, ensuring stable and reliable transmission.

    The cable is also designed for flexibility and ease of installation, with a durable and flexible jacket that can bend and move with the equipment it is connected to.

  • The jacket is also resistant to heat, abrasion, and other environmental factors, making it suitable for use in harsh and demanding environments.Overall, the Shielded 6 Core Cable 17/1.0is a versatile and reliable cable that provides stable and accurate signal transmission in a range of applications.
  • Package include :1 pcs of 5m 6 core cable
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  • Description of Flexible Rubber Cable (made of Rubber insulation and Rubber sheath)

    Specification: Specification:

    AVG 20 ,1.8mm2

    Conductor material:

    pure oxygen free copper. Rated voltage:300/500V

    Insulating material:

    soft and high-strength rubber composite material.

    Sheath material: soft and high-strength rubber composite material.

    Sheath color:black Core structure: multi-strand copper core Application: rubber sheathed  cable is used for household appliances, power tools and all kinds of mobile electrical equipment with AC rated voltage of 300/500V and below.

    Soft Rubber Cable with Resistance to Oil ,Abrasion ,Weathering.

    Resistant to oil and different weather

    sheath and insulation of rubber cable are made of soft and high-strength rubber composite material for resistance to oil , cold ,abrasion pull ,aging, and have good toughness,fire-retardant.

    High purity oxygen free copper wire

    99.99% purity oxygen-free copper, anti-aging, small attenuation, stable transmission, low voltage, fast and stable transmission.

    Soft and resistant to pull and abrasion

    multi-strand copper core, twisted combination, with rubber jacket and rubber insulation .

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