3 Axis X,Y,and Z linear CNC gantry robot 1000 X 1500mm ,100mm Z Axis linear table industrial CNC


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3 axis linear axis with heavy-duty loads ,X and Y axis travel 1000mm x 1500 ,Z axis travel 100mm .

Material: Steel+ Alu.  Screw Dia.16mm   Vertical Load:   0~50kg ,    Horizontal Load:   0~100kg.   Repeatability: 0.05~0.08mm.  Stage Width:  120mm  .Screw Lead: 4mm/10mm.   Moving Speed:  0~300mm/s . Stroke: 100~500mm’


Brand RM
Guide Width or Diameter 40mm
Model Number SW40
Effective Stroke 50-4000mm
Position Accuracy 0.05mm
Screw Precision Grade C7
Screw Type 1605/1610
Stepper Motor Type 57-56
Stepper Motor Driver as to your requirements
Controller as to your requirements
Limit switch 3
Application field 3D printer automated production line robotic arm plasma detector
Applicable industry medical equipment spraying equipment automatic welding series

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