16mm Ball Screw Kit – SFU1605 250mm



With up to 90% efficiency, ball screws are widely used in applications requiring high precision and repeatability which include but not limited to: robotics, CNC machines and linear actuators. Ball screws utilise ball bearings between the screw and nut, drastically reducing backlash.

Due to the high mechanical efficiency of ball screws, the torque required to operate a ball screw is approximately 30% of conventional screw-driven transmission.


  • Ball Screw Length: 250mm
  • Ball Screw Diameter: 16mm
  • Pitch: 5mm
  • Fabricating process: Rolled

SFU1605 Ball Screw Drawing

SFU1605 Ball Screw Dimensions

Ball Nut Drawing



  • Included

    • 250mm SFU1605 Ball Screw and Nut
    • BF12 Floating Ball Screw Support with clip
    • BK12 Fixed Ball Screw Support with a lock collar
    • Ball Nut Housing


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